Azienda Vitivinicola e Agrituristica 'CASALE LI MONACI' - S.Ilario dello Jonio (RC) - ITALY      
  La Cantina
When Anthony Reale thought of returning to Calabria, after a long Canadian business carrier, at the top of his dreams a new adventure took root, his dedication to producing a noble wine.
In this magical drink a mix of love for the vineyard, continually being treated with care and attention; and experience in the art of making wine form a critical interaction between ancient traditions, modern technologies and especially a lot of patience in being able to wait the results of a great year.
Each vintage has a history, a lot of work done, passion and a wealth of new experiences.
We chose to cultivate Gaglioppo, Greco Nero, Magliocco and Calabrese, representing the best of Our age-old traditions, inclusive of the internationally recognized Cabernet and Sauvignon Blanc.
And here come our wines!
A joining of love and quality an enduring combination that never ends.

Vincenzo Ippolito

I nostri vini - I.G.T. - Calabria
I nostri vini - I.G.T. - Calabria
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S. Ilarione
Vendemmia Tardiva
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